What is Your Purpose in Aquaponics?

A thriving aquaponics system will provide you with an abundance of high quality produce and fish, but it doesn’t stop there. In our four years of experience in commercial aquaponics, we’ve seen people using aquaponics for a variety of purposes beyond just growing food (as if that wasn’t enough). We’ve seen teachers and parents using aquaponics as an experiential learning tool in the classroom and at home. We’ve watched aquaponics system change lives in the developmental disability community, as autistic individuals tend their own gardens and sell their produce to their community. As a rising industry, aquaponics is perfect for skill-training programs to teach a valuable new workforce. Aquaponics is changing the face of agriculture and ecosystem research and is even being considered by NASA to grow food in space!

When embarking on your own aquaponic endeavor, it is important to understand exactly why you are doing it. This will guide you through the rest of the design choices you’ll make as you get started.

Most Reported Goals

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